Golden Retriever Won’t Allow Her Dad To Touch His Wife

Bailey is a Golden Retriever who is the social media star of his own YouTube channel. There, this adorable pup is the main subject of plenty of highly entertaining and funny videos. One of the videos that makes everyone want to smile, is the video of Bailey protecting his owners from each other. In the video, the adorable two-year-old pooch won’t let his owner touch his own wife.

In the hilarious YouTube video, Bailey is seen protecting the wife from her husband – much to the entertainment of the couple. As the couple hangs out with Bailey, the husband can be seen attempting to touch his wife’s foot – much to the dismay of Bailey, who stares down his owner in order to let him know he’s serious.

Bailey’s human dad then eggs him on, which only makes Bailey get up to protect his human mom from her own husband. In order to get her husband to leave her alone and not touch her foot, Bailey goes to the extreme measure of gently placing his mouth on his owner’s foot in order to keep the husband from touching it.

The couple couldn’t help but laugh at Bailey’s attempts to keep them separated.

Then, when the husband places a hand on his wife’s leg, Bailey barks in protest before getting up again and sitting on top of his owner. Bailey then shoots his dad another disapproving look, reminding him that he’s not messing around.

While the video might have suggested that there is beef between the two, that is simply not true. In fact, they’re the best of friends. Even though Bailey has a very protective side to him regarding his mom, he and his dad often share loads of cuddles together. It’s absolutely adorable.

Check out the video below:

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