She Was So Badly Matted That She Couldn’t Walk. When I Saw Her Transformation? OMG!

This dog, named Silky, was brought to the San Jose animal shelter with severely matted hair. She was also covered in foxtails and other debris, and could not even see through the mess. Along with that, she could also barely walk. Shelter animals are hard enough to get adopted as it is, let alone when they look like this.

Not only are the knots painful, but they could also cause a skin infection. So the shelter’s veterinary staff provided her with a much-needed makeover before putting her up for adoption. They put her under anesthesia while they spayed her, and groomed her while she was still under to ensure that she’d be comfortable during it. When they were finished, Silky looked like a brand new dog! You could tell how much happier she was after!

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