An Abandoned Dog With A Missing Ear Was Rescued Off The Streets. Now, He’s Learning To Trust Again…

A very sick dog with a missing ear was spotted wandering the streets of Greece all by himself. Members of a rescue organization called Society for the Protection of Stray Animals (SPAZ) heard about him and wanted to save him.


They believe he was used as a sheepdog before he got sick, and then was abandoned. Although it’s unknown how long he’s been wandering the streets alone, it was most likely for quite a long time, since he was terrified of people.

SPAZ rescuers tried to get near him, but he would quickly move away each time. They put a sedative in food and left it nearby, hoping he’d eat it and become too tired to run away. He ate some of it but would not lie down. When they left more food, he buried it instead of eating it. He was a very intelligent dog, yet very stubborn.


Eventually, exhaustion hit and he allowed them to get to him. The dog was nervous, but he seemed more relieved than anything to be rescued. He needs to get used to the human presence, but he wags his tail and is still very sweet.

After rescuing him, they brought him for a medical exam. He was in bad shape. He had wounds all over his body, hair loss, and Ehrlichia, which is a disease caused by ticks. Today, he is doing much better but is still awaiting his furever home.


He likes to be pet, but he is still learning to fully trust humans again. Hopefully soon he will learn to feel safe, especially now that he is given the proper love and care. Watch his rescue in the video below:

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