This Poor Pit Bull Was Trapped In A Canal. Luckily, He Was Reunited With His Human Thanks To His Microchip!

This poor Pit bull, named Prince, was trapped in a canal. Someone spotted him lying down and posted a pic saying “Anyone’s dog? Found her in the canal…can’t get to her..” So someone saw it and decided to give it a try. They went to the canal and Prince actually followed them until a car backfired, causing him to dive into the canal.

Thankfully, he emerged on the other side, but then began running. They tried to lure him in using treats and their foster puppy, Lindy. It worked! Prince came over to Lindy’s cage to sniff her. They noticed that he was wearing a tag that said his microchip number! He was standing there long enough for them to get the number. Within minutes, they found out who his owner was and got ahold of him. He immediately came to the canal to reunite with Prince. Prince ran right up to him, wagging his tail. They were so happy to see each other! This story just shows how important microchips are!

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