A 13-Year-Old Dog Was Found In A Lot, Covered In Maggots. Then, The Unexpected Happened!

Cutter the dog was discovered in an empty parking lot with severe infected wounds and covered in maggots by some good Samaritans. The people immediately brought the dog to the local veterinary office after noticing that the dog couldn’t walk because of it debilitating condition.

The Des Moines office acted quickly to take care of Cutter’s injuries and posted his story to social media in hopes of finding his owner.

“This dog was brought to us in very rough shape last night. This poor guy has a horrible skin infection and was covered with maggots. He is receiving medical care but the prognosis is not good.”

It was a reunion no one thought would ever happen again. Darrell and Angela Goering had been looking for the 13-year-old Australian shepherd for a while and had almost lost hope when they came across the Facebook post.

“We are so happy he has been found!! He had never wandered off, ever, he is the greatest dog and we have missed him (sic).”

The family jumped in the car and drove the 17 mile distance to the vet’s office to be reunited with their loyal friend. Watch the reunion in the video below:

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