12-Year-Old Dog With Aggressive Cancer Found Dumped In A Walmart Parking Lot

Some people can be real pieces of garbage when it comes to their pets. That is the only explanation for why someone would think it is perfectly acceptable to abandon their senior dog in a Walmart parking lot. What is even worse is that the dog had a very aggressive form of cancer.

Apparently, the dog’s former owners couldn’t be bothered to deal with that, so they made the choice to discard him like garbage. This cruelty occurred in the Walmart parking lot in Joliet, Illinois. The dog, Theo, had just weeks to live when he was so harshly abandoned.

12-year-old Theo was fortunate enough to be rescued. With very little time left, Theo was lucky enough to be adopted by Jenny and Scott of Crystal Lake. The couple has been doing everything that they can to make to pup comfortable, as well as trying their best to make his final days enjoyable.

Some of these outings have included going through a drive-thru for a hamburger, swimming in a pool, and enjoying some ice cream in a cone. But there are still a few things left that the couple wanted the old pooch to experience, such as a boat ride, a trip to a fire station, and a doggie playdate. It’s so wonderful to know that they’re doing all they can for Theo. His former owners should be ashamed of themselves.

Watch the video below:

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