Stuck In A Well, Submerged In Water For Hours…When They Got To Her, She Was Barely Hanging On

A little dog fell into a deep well in India and had no way out. All she had was a little perch to stand on to keep her from drowning, but she was still submerged in the water for many hours. She was exhausted, freezing and scared.

She was constantly clinging on for her life, and had no moments to rest. Thankfully, Animal Aid Unlimited came to the rescue! The rescuer secured himself with ropes and lowered himself down into the well. Once he reached the dog, you could tell she was extremely relieved. She leaned onto the man, getting the first rest she’s gotten in hours.

They pulled her up to safety and brought her back to Animal Aid to treat her. They warmed her up and let her rest. A few hours later, she was already feeling much better! A big thank you to these brave and kind-hearted rescuers for saving this sweet pup’s life!

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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