A Dog Swam 1,000 Feet Away From Shore And Couldn’t Get Back. Then, This Man Stepped In To Save Her!

It was a normal day at the beach for Lisa Delong and her dog, Nellie. However, it quickly turned to panic for the pet owner. Delong decided to let Nellie cool off by going for a quick swim. Before long, Delong noticed that Nellie had swam too far away from shore. The dog had become confused and wasn’t swimming the right direction to get back to her owner.

“I think she thought she was going for a good swim and then got confused about where to go,” said Delong in an interview. “She couldn’t really differentiate between what shores to come back to.”


Delong started to panic when she realized that the dog was at least 1,000 miles away from the shore. By this point, Nellie was exhausted. She was swimming very slowly and crying loudly. Delong knew she wouldn’t be able to swim out there and carry Nellie back to shore, so she began to think of other options.

“I’m not very big and certainly I knew I wasn’t strong enough to swim 300 meters [1,000 feet] in each direction and get her back. There was nothing I really could have done.”


A crowd started to gather and the local yacht club was contacted to see if anyone had a boat in the area to fetch the dog. One man emerged from the crowd and knew he couldn’t just watch Nellie drown. Adam Parker, a paramedic, was used to acting under pressure. Without hesitation, Parker jumped into the water and began swimming towards the dog. By the time he reached Nellie, he was tired and out of breath, but he knew he couldn’t give up. He grabbed the dog by the collar and began directing them back to the proper shore.

Eventually, the pair made it safely back to dry land. Nellie was extremely grateful to Parker and made it known by covering him in kisses. Both Nellie and Parker were physically OK and did not require any medical attention.

Nellie 3

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