Loyal Dog Walks 62 Miles To Find Her Beloved Family

When a family’s house was being remodeled in China, they left their beloved golden retriever, Ping An, with a friend while the renovations progressed. They probably thought they were doing their beloved pup a favor, because home renovations can be loud and scary. But Ping An didn’t understand why she’d been separated from her humans, and after 4 months away, decided to escape and find her own family.

Ping An’s family was devastated when they found out their dog had gone missing and did everything they could to locate the pup. But although everybody believed she was lost, this loyal dog knew exactly where she was headed. She was walking 62 miles back to Qidong, China, where she expected to see her humans in their family home.

Photo: Jianghai Evening News/WeChat

According to the Daily Mail, the weary traveler was rescued en route by workers who noticed the scrawny dog limping outside an office building with bleeding paws. According to China’s Jianghai Evening News, which first reported this story, rescuers also thought the dog also looked “quite depressed after she was unable to find her owners.”

Photo: Jianghai Evening News/WeChat

Fortunately, those workers quickly found Ping An’s family after posting the dog’s picture on WeChat (China’s version of Twitter) where it quickly went viral. Two weeks later, the faithful dog had bene reunited with her family, who vowed to never part with their loyal pup again. “Ping An, you’ve worked hard,” the dog’s loyal owners said, according to the Daily Mail. “You just stay home from now on. [We] would never send you away.’

In a twist, Ping An’s name also means “safe and sound” in Mandarin Chinese. Congratulations, Ping an! We’re so glad you’re finally safe and sound at home with your family.

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