Dog Walking

What is Professional Dog Walking?

Individual professional dog walkers and dog walking companies are paid by pet owners to walk their dogs for them on a predetermined schedule. Many professional dog walkers offer specific services, including walking multiple dogs simultaneously, walking a pet more than once per day, or taking pets for a run. Because exercise is an indispensable component of a dog’s daily schedule, professional dog walking can be an invaluable service for pet owners who are overly busy or require help with their pet’s daily needs.

What are the Benefits of Professional Dog Walking?

Exercise is important to the maintenance of a dog’s healthy lifestyle, but is oftentimes neglected when owners do not have time to follow their pet’s daily routine. By hiring a professional dog walker, pet owners can ensure that their pet gets the outdoor time and workouts he needs, even amidst the busiest of schedules. Professional dog walking provides many benefits for pets and their owners, including:

  • Consistency for Your Pet – Dogs thrive when they are kept on a consistent diet and exercise schedule. By hiring a part-time or full-time professional to assist in walking your pet, you can be sure that daily commitments or unexpected schedule changes will not interfere with your pet’s walk schedule.

  • Freedom for You – When you know that your pet isn’t missing out on his daily exercise, you’ve got much more freedom to get the things done during the day that you need to do. The consistency and reliability of a good dog walking professional allows you the freedom to pick and choose when you walk your pet or when they do.

  • Better Pet Behavior – Daily walking can improve your pet’s behavior, curbing such negative habits as chewing, aggressiveness, hostility and destruction. A consistent and reliable walking routine will contribute to the improvement of your pet’s overall behavior.

Where Can You Find a Professional Dog Walker?

By choosing a professional dog walker or dog walking company that is bonded and insured, pet owners can be sure that their pet will get the best and safest care while he’s out and about. Through network of local dog walkers, owners are referred to only the most professional and reputable dog walkers in the area.

For help finding the perfect local professional dog walking services provider for your four-legged friend, fill out the form at and the form within to find insured, bonded, vetted dog walking professionals today!

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