Cocker Spaniel Tries To Challenge A Leaf Blower But The Wind Is Too Strong

Our dogs are always doing incredibly silly things that bring smiles to our faces. It’s just part of their nature. But sometimes, our dogs also like to bark at things that make no sense. Usually this is something that is done around household items that make a lot of noise, such as vacuums or lawnmowers.

But for Charlie, his nemesis was the leaf blower. Now that we’re in the throws of autumn, there is no shortage of crunchy leaves on the ground.

Given that this is the time of year when most lawns get covered in fall foliage, many homeowners will invest in leaf blowers in order to cut down on time that would be spent raking leaves.

And in this particular video, the little cocker spaniel was not about to back down from a confrontation. Since the big scary leaf blower was interrupting his peace and quiet, Charlie decided he was going to face the leaf blower head-on and bark at it to give it a piece of his mind.

But as seen in the video, his plan doesn’t come to fruition. The leaf blower had way too much power over the little cocker spaniel who was left with his jowls flapping in the wind – a hilarious sight that his owner, Traci Thoreson, says will often happen if the leaf blower is on.

According to the video description, Thoreson says the pooch is an absolute calm and collected gem up until the leaf blower is brought out.

Watch him go at it in the video below:

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