Owner Gets His Dog A Stepping Stool So He Can See His Buddy Over The Fence

Great Danes are some of the largest dogs around. My mom had one growing up as a child. She would often ride her around like a pony because she was that big. So it makes sense that a breed of dog that large would have some perks that accompany their big statures.

And two Great Danes, Vito and Bambino, have the run of their neighborhood just by being big enough to peer over the sides of their backyard fence.

This affords them a great view of their neighbor’s house as well. It didn’t really matter much, but then they gained new neighbors, one of them being a chocolate lab.

This immediately peaked their two Great Danes’ interest, and they were excited to peep over the fence to get in a friendly welcome. Unfortunately for the chocolate lab named Giuseppe, he wasn’t exactly tall enough to reciprocate his friendly neighbors’ attempts to get acquainted.

When his owners noticed him struggling to get eye-level with his two new friends, they immediately searched for a way to help. The owners came up with a simple solution for the short dog. They got him a step stool from inside and put it right beside the fence.

Giuseppe’s instinct kicked in and he knew exactly what to do. He got up and was finally able to get an up-close and personal greeting with Vito and Bambino.

The dogs’ blossoming friendship actually inspired the families to come together and become friends. This resulted in many cute pictures of the trio of dogs as they grew even closer in their friendship. Their story is a great example of how breaking down barriers is always a great way to make friends.

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