Dog Thinks Lockdown Is ‘A Walk In The Park’ Until He Sees That The Park Is Closed

Murphy and his dad, Luis Chacón, live in Spain, which is currently on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The pair are more fortunate than most since they have each other for company. And Murphy’s life hasn’t really been affected by the pandemic, it’s actually pretty sweet at the moment since Luis is home most of the time with him.

Besides getting to spend their days in each other’s company, these two live beside a park. Normally, they go on plenty of walks there. It’s Murphy’s favorite place after all.

As Luis shared with The Dodo, “We visit it almost daily.”

While Luis and Murphy can still go on walks, the pandemic crisis has unfortunately caused the park beside them to temporarily close down. Naturally, this left the little dog full of confusion and disappointment – it’s a little more than difficult to explain a pandemic to a pooch.

In fact, there is a video showing Murphy voicing his opinion on the temporary closure:

“He thought it was very strange that we weren’t going in. It was like a learning moment,” Luis stated.

After getting a few moments to spout off his grievances, it finally sunk in with Murphy that he wasn’t going to get to go to the park that day or any other. It’s the small price to pay for overall safety and wellbeing amongst society. With any luck, things will turn around and he’ll get to go play in the park soon. In the meantime, at least he’s got his BFF by his side to make the long days of quarantine less boring. Stay strong Murphy, we’re feeling it too!

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