Dog Turns Into A Gremlin When It’s Time For Food, According To Owner

Grimley the Pug is basically me when it comes to eating. Although he just ate some sausage, he still wants more food. I can never get enough of food! Some people eat to live, but Grimley and I live to eat! But according to Grimley’s human, he turns into a little gremlin when he wants food. He makes these adorable little noises and can’t even stay still when he knows that getting more food is a possibility. He jumps on the couch next to his human and stares at her, giving her those “puppy dog eyes” we all know so well. Although Grimley just ate, his human still decided to give him some more food, so I’m sure his gremlin noises soon turned into snores. I don’t know about you but eating a lot always puts me right to sleep!

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