He Ran Away After Going Out To The Bathroom, After 3 Days Of Searching They Heard THIS Coming From A Sinkhole.

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Maverick, a 12-year-old German Shepherd has had his fair share of bad incidents. He was just recently adopted by his foster-mom Lisa Van Valkenburg, but before that, he had gotten hit by a car and injured in a raccoon trap. But if you think those sound bad, wait until you hear his latest near-death experience. While he was out going to the bathroom, he wandered through the electric fence boundary of the yard and fell head-first into a deep sinkhole. His human and her family frantically looked for him, worried that he may haven fallen into a lake near their home in Missouri. But despite the odds of him being alive somewhere, Van Valkenburg never gave up looking and never lost hope.


Source: Lisa Van Valkenburg

On the third day of his disappearance, she was walking on the road when she heard a faint howl coming from the area. She soon realized that Maverick was buried alive inside the deep and narrow sinkhole. With fear that the dirt would topple on him even more, she quickly called the Southern Platte Fire Department. They spent nearly two hours digging underneath the trapped pup so that they could release the suction of the thick mud.


Maverick was rushed to an emergency vet and was in serious condition; he was cold and severely dehydrated, since he was stuck without food or water for three days. His mouth, eyes and nose were all clogged with mud, and one of his teeth had punctured his lip and fell out during his fall. His body was also hurting because he has arthritis, so being in one position without being able to move for 72 hours is brutal. They hooked him up to an IV and were able to get him in stable condition. Maverick is now back home and on his road to recovery. It’s also important to note that they’ve gotten rid of the electric fence collar and now use a strong leash to take him out so that this won’t ever happen again!


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