This Dog’s Owner Said He Should Be Put Down Because Of His Appearance. Thankfully, She Stepped In…

Nik Nak’s story is incredibly heartbreaking, but luckily he has a happy ending. The dog wanted what every dog wants, to be loved unconditionally. However, his owners refused to give him the proper care he deserved. Nik Nak quickly fell into poor health and his appearance suffered from the lack of grooming and care. His owner eventually dropped him off at the local veterinary office. The staff was appalled when this horrible person had the nerve to tell them that Nik Nak should just be put down because he was “too yucky” to live and the world would be a better place without him.

Fortunately, the staff took the sweet dog in. After his very first bath and some care, Nik Nak began the road to recovery. Now, he looks like a completely different animal.

Kam Nurock was willing to take the sweet pup in until he could find his forever home. However, she soon realized that he had already found it. Check out the video below for Nik Nak’s amazing story of determination and survival.

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