Owner Throws Malnourished Dog Over The Gates Of An Animal Sanctuary

On the evening of Halloween, the staff at the Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary located in Merseyside were helping new puppies to settle in for the night when they noticed a car pull up outside.

They were horrified to watch as a person got out of the vehicle and actually tossed an emaciated dog over the rescue’s gates. The poor dog was so severely neglected that his bones were actually visible beneath his fur.

Thankfully, the dog – who was named Casper – didn’t seem to be injured following his ordeal of being thrown over the gates. However, come morning time, the staff was able to see clearly the many scars of his unimaginable mistreatment.

The very sweet Casper was completely skeletal in his appearance. As the shelter’s Facebook page described, the poor dog was “emaciated and battle-wounded,” with “pressure sores and overgrown nails.”

Fortunately for Casper, he was abandoned in a place that has shown him immense kindness, with the staff promising to “spoil him rotten.” Casper’s “first decent meal in a long time” was captured in a picture, and it will absolutely devastate your heart.

So far, the shelter has helped to raise £526 to put towards Casper’s journey to recovery. The sight of his thin figure has left many animal lovers outraged and in tears.

The staff at the Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary have already noted some significant progress on Casper’s end. He has reportedly already had a “settled” first night in the shelter after his traumatic experience.

Casper has also already received a gift from a donor named Jan in the form of a “lovely bed and a big teddy to cuddle up to,” and this has allowed him to feel more comfortable and at home.

After Halloween on the 1st of November, Save Our Scouse Cats tweeted an update from Rescue Me Animal Shelter said, “Safe, comfy and on two hourly feeds, the vet is coming out to Casper tomorrow to avoid even more stress for him. Dear Casper, you’ve seen the worst of humanity, now you are seeing the best.”

The shelter then tweeted a confirmation saying, “Casper has seen the vet today & had blood taken. He is getting regular small meals & a huge duvet to snuggle up on.”

As it stands, it’s not clear yet what the next chapter will be for Casper. We are hopeful that the sweet boy will soon be recovered enough to go off to a forever home where he’ll be treated with the kindness and dignity he deserves.

If you would like to help other dogs like Casper through the Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary website, you can click here.

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