Watch the Endearing Video of a Dog Teaching a Baby How to Play

Dogs prove that they are man’s best friend from toddler to old age. Dogs are great with babies, making them adorable nannies and playmates for the little one. It’s like canines understand that the tiny human should be under their care. Sometimes, dogs become overprotective when it comes to babies — it’s a great expression of unconditional love. Aside from that, pets also know how to keep a baby entertained. They are capable of keeping up with a child’s playfulness — making canines the best companions for toddlers.

Moreover, babies and dogs are one of the cutest combinations you’ll ever see. People can’t help but melt and gush over dog and baby videos on the internet. Dogs of Instagram curated a charming video of a dog teaching a baby how to play. The video was initially posted on an Instagram page with the handle callieandcharlie. As shown in the video, Callie, the golden retriever, encouraged Charlie to play with her toy. Since Charlie still isn’t able to practice her grasp, her focus was on Callie and not on her toy. However, Callie was determined to give Charlie her toy — until their mom, Jackie, called Callie to stop.

The text on the Instagram reel made the content even funnier; it says, “It has arms why doesn’t it use them?” Callie might be really confused with the little human’s behavior. Because of hilarious yet adorable content, the social media post has already garnered over two hundred thousand likes and three million views. The reel received funny comments. One Instagram user said, “It’s just laying there doing nothing!” along with laughing emoticons. It really seems like Callie was training Charlie at a young age.

Based on the posts uploaded on their Instagram page, the two are practically besties. Their bond is already strong, and the siblings are inseparable. Jackie, Charlie’s mother and Callie’s human parent, couldn’t help but gush and flex the adorable moments she sees every day. Instagram users should be thankful for her for sharing heartwarming and feel-good posts of the lovable duo. Aside from teaching Charlie how to play, Callie also acts as a big sister and nanny to her. See more Charlie and Callie moments from their Instagram account. They are a worthy addition to your following list. Those two will undoubtedly be inseparable for years to come.

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