These Dogs Are Waiting In Line To Get Treats… Now Keep Your Eye On The Pup To The Left!

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What dog doesn’t love treats? These four pups are sitting on the bed, lined up to get treats. Their human is giving them a treat one by one, going down the line in order. But one of the dogs outsmarts everyone else and does something clever and hysterical.

The first dog in line gets the first treat, and as soon as his human moves on to the second dog, the first dog sneaks to the end of the line so that he can get another treat. Then when he gets that treat, while his human is busy giving a treat to the dog on the floor, he runs back to the front of the line to get yet another one. He does this over and over and thinks that he’s getting away with it, but little does he know that he’s caught red-handed on camera! This is too adorable!

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