You And Your Dog Can Get Matching Swim Shorts This Summer

Summer may be a little different this year as we’re all trying to manage a global pandemic. That means the normal outings we’d enjoy may have to either be put on hold until next year or kept at a socially acceptable distance. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still twin with our dog, poolside.

Thanks to Amazon, you can not get swimming trunks that are matching – meaning, both you and your dog can hang out together while wearing the same thing. How does that sound for summer? Amazon is already known for having everything under the sun – even if some of what they have is a little unconventional or out there. But these swim trunks that are for both you and your dog, now that just seems like a genius idea.

The shorts were designed by Kove, a company known for recycling plastic bottles by turning them into fabric for clothes making. The fact that they’re eco-friendly is more than enough of an incentive to buy them while the fact that you can twin with your dog just makes it that much more fun.

But if that isn’t enough to incentivize you, then perhaps the fact that they’re made with quick-dry fabric that has a four-way stretch will do the trick. And as the product description said, they have a mesh lining inside that keeps “everything in place for even more comfort and support.” Plus, there is plenty of choices in terms of color, such as sage green or cyan – something that will be complementary to many fur colors.

The shorts for the dogs also come constructed with a hole for their tail which is more like a full opening for their booty. That seems fair since we doubt that dogs are used to wearing pants like this. Either way, they will be the best-dressed dogs poolside. And if they match with their owner, even better!

And while Kove is happy to make the cutest swim trunks for dogs, they are also including their humans in on the fun by creating matching ensembles. Of course, these are also available on Amazon. So, even if you need to stay 6 feet apart from people this summer, at least you and your dog can look good socially distancing together at the beach.

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