This Girl Has Waited 7 Years For A Puppy. When Her Mom Places One In Her Lap, Instant Tears!

This little girl waited seven long years for a puppy. Since it’s all she’s ever wanted and talked about, her parents decided to surprise her with one. They made her close her eyes while they brought the pup in and placed him on her lap. She had no idea that she was about to receive the one thing she’s been wanting the most.

When the puppy is on her lap, she opens her eyes and her jaw drops in astonishment. She is in total shock and cannot believe there’s an adorable puppy on her lap. But she’s even more shocked when her mom tells her the puppy is hers!

The dog stands up on his hind legs, wags his tail and licks her face with lots of kisses. The little girl starts screaming with joy, “A dog! Oh my God!” Then she instantly starts sobbing when she takes it all in that the dog is actually hers. She decides to name the little cutie Wasabi. The look on her face is priceless, and it is obvious that this little girl will take such great care of the pup!

Watch her reaction in the video below:

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