Dog That Hates Baths Holds Mom’s Hand When It’s Her Turn

Dogs hate baths. There is no surprise there. How many of us dog owners have had to get creative in the ways that we lure our pets into the bathroom in order to bathe them?

But as much as our dogs might hate baths, we humans do enjoy them. Sitting in the tub after a long day at work is a great way of unwinding and de-stressing.

But it’s a habit that our dogs don’t quite understand. And for one adorable little pug, his reaction to seeing his owner in the bathtub was quite hilarious.

Diego the pug hates bath time. He hates it so much that he can’t understand why his owner would willingly inflict a bath upon herself. As Diego’s owner, Raphi Muñoz, explained according to UNILAD, Diego loathes baths with such intensity that he will freak out just at the sound of running water. She explained to The Dodo that her beloved pup will often scream the entire time that he’s being given a bath.

But the pup’s screaming doesn’t just stop at his own bath time, he will also scream when Raphi gets in the bath herself. Apparently, Diego hates to see his owner enjoy a bubble bath of her own. The precious pooch will stand guard beside the tub and cry the entire time – worried about his owner’s wellbeing.

As Raphi explained, “It’s very heroic and noble of him. He’s pretty protective of me so I wouldn’t expect anything less from him. He’s definitely sweet and tries so hard.”

That is too cute. Sometimes we don’t deserve our dogs. They really do try their best to always support us and keep us safe.

Watch Diego’s adorable reaction down below:


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