Joggers Find Abandoned Dog In A Zipped Suitcase At The Park

While jogging along a trail at Etobicoke Park in Toronto, Canada, two joggers spotted a suitcase left on the less busy area of the trail. Curiously got the better of them as the pair inches closer to investigate. The suitcase started moving the closer they got – and that is when they made out animal sounds coming from inside. Worried that perhaps a wild animal had gotten caught inside, they cautiously unzipped a portion of the zipper to get a better look. All feelings of fear must have subsided the second that a tiny dog’s nose popped out from within the case.

Toronto Animal Services were immediate called. Footprints at the scene indicated that some cruel individual locked the dog inside the case and tossed it down the hill like garbage. Thankfully, the small dog had been found and was in the care of people who like animals. It’s baffling the way some people can be so awful.

The little dog appeared to be a 5 to 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix whom the animal services have renamed Casey. It appears that Casey may have previously had a litter at one time in her life, but her origins are unknown as she didn’t have a collar or a microchip.

Black Dog Rescue has been posting regular updates to their Facebook page about Casey – who despite her harrowing ordeal, seemed to be otherwise healthy with no signs of neglect or abuse. However, she was found just in the nick of time or else she may have frozen to death inside the case due to the elements outside.

Casey will be held at Toronto Animal Services for at least 5 business days until she’s ready to go up for adoption. Then, once she’s ready, she will be put up for adoption.

Wendy Burant of the Toronto Animal Services, said, “There is lots of interest in her so she won’t have a hard time finding a new home and getting a second chance. She did come to the right place.”

Casey was very shy when she first arrived but has since perked up and taken a liking to the staff – especially when they ply her with treats.

Despite how well things turned out for Casey in the end, there are still so many questions surrounding her circumstances. In fact, the police are investigating the matter.

They are looking into it very closely, but unfortunately don’t have much to go on in terms of leads. Should the horrible person responsible be found, they could face a fine of at least $130,000 and possible jail time. If you know anything regarding this situation, please contact Toronto Crime Stoppers.

If you or someone you know are no longer able to care for your dog or cat please reach out to a local shelter or rescue. There is NEVER a good excuse for taking your pet and abandoning them inside a suitcase in the middle of winter. Anyone who abandons a dog or cat in this manner most definitely deserves to have the book thrown at them.

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