This Dog Stole His Human’s Sandwich… Wait Until You See Where He Hid It!

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This hungry pup thought it’d be a good idea to steal his human’s sandwich. Although we are unsure of how he went about stealing it, we do get to witness the aftermath. He finds the best hiding spot for it, and thinks that he won’t get caught. But he isn’t as sneaky of a sandwich thief as he thinks he is!

His human whips out her camera to record him sitting on the couch. She repeatedly asks him what happened to her sandwich but he looks the other way and pays her no mind. He’s actually pretty good at looking innocent. He probably thinks that if he ignores her long enough that she’ll just forget about it and stop asking him. But she already knows where his hiding spot is…his mouth! A few seconds later he opens his mouth and the sandwich falls out. What a silly doggy!

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