This Woman’s Tribute to Her Dog Will Leave You in Tears

Pets are considered family to many people, and losing one can leave a void that’s hard to fill.

One woman’s unique tribute to her Golden Retriever, Max, illustrates the profound bond between humans and their pets, turning a simple home renovation into a touching memorial.

Shari B transformed her staircase into a tribute for her late Golden Retriever, Max.

Photo: TikTok / shariblivin
Shari B transformed her staircase into a tribute for her late Golden Retriever, Max.

Preserving Memories in Wood

During a home improvement project, Shari B. faced a dilemma when it came to repainting her staircase. One step, visibly worn from years of use, held a special place in her heart—it was Max’s favorite resting spot.

Rather than covering this memory, Shari chose to preserve it, treating the step with a clear coat and framing it in black to match the renovated stairs. A small plaque bearing Max’s name and the years he lived adds a poignant touch to the tribute, Apartment Therapy reports.

Many viewers of Shari's TikTok video admitted to crying over the heartfelt story.

Photo: TikTok / shariblivin
Many viewers of Shari’s TikTok video admitted to crying over the heartfelt story.

Sharing the Grief and Love

Shari’s project resonated with many, as evidenced by the emotional reactions on social media. Her TikTok post not only showcased her staircase renovation but also shared a heartfelt story that brought viewers to tears.

The response to Shari’s tribute was overwhelming, with many sharing their own stories of loss and remembrance. Comments ranged from individuals who kept their pets’ nose prints on windows for years to those who left damaged walls untouched as reminders of their furry friends.

Pets leave an indelible mark on our lives, and it’s moments like these that make that so clear. Learn more in the TikTok video below.


I refinsihed my stairs… i oainted the steps black. But there was one step i could NOT paint over. One year ago today, my dog Max, passed away. He out his bead on my lap and went to forever sleep. He loved hos step. He even slept on it. Haha so i made it a forever tribute to him. The bestest dog, ever.

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A Legacy of Love

Shari B’s staircase project is more than a home improvement—it’s a testament to the enduring love between pets and their humans.

In preserving Max’s favorite spot, Shari has created a physical reminder of the joy and companionship he brought to her life. This story touches the hearts of all who understand the bittersweet reality of pet ownership: the pain of loss is the price of profound love.

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