He Sees A Jar Of Peanut Butter On The Counter…What He Does Next Is Genius!

I remember when I was younger, and much shorter (although I haven’t grown much since), I always had trouble reaching things out of the cabinets. My first thought would be to pull over a chair to stand on. This dog’s sneaky plan isn’t much different from that.
Nothing is too high for this pup to reach. Just because the peanut butter is on the counter, doesn’t mean it is stopping this dog from getting some! And he doesn’t need any help either.

He thinks he’s getting away with it all, but little does he know that there’s a camera set up in the kitchen that films him in the act! When he spots the peanut butter, he pulls over a chair from the kitchen table (yes, really!), and jumps onto it. Then after he catches his balance, he hops onto the counter and grabs the jar of peanut butter. He uses the chair to get back down, and then runs off with the jar. What a smart and sneaky pup!

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