This Dog Stealing A Roll Of Toilet Paper Is Not Exactly As Sneaky As He Thinks…

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This dog sees a roll of toilet paper sitting on the side of the bathtub and comes up with a whole plan to go in and steal it without anyone noticing. He was successful with stealing it, but wasn’t so successful with the latter. Although he looked like a secret agent on a mission, his owner was already in the bathroom and caught his whole mischievous plan on camera without him even knowing.

Watch him as he tip-toes into the bathroom, grabs the roll of toilet paper, looks around to make sure no one is there, and then slowly and quietly walks backwards all the way to the bathroom door way. When the coast is clear, he bolts out of the bathroom. I’ll give this pup an A for effort. And I am glad that his owner was able to catch this hilarious plan on camera! I’m sure his owner will discipline him, and then the pup will wonder how his human found out!

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