Dog Funnily Tries to Steal a Kitten From Its Mom in This Reddit Video

Cats and dogs are definitely one of the funniest duos in the animal kingdom. They sure do complement each other’s personalities — even when they clash, the bond is still apparent between them. Households with both canines and felines feel a lot homier because of the fluffiness they provide every day. It also creates a cozier environment as you can have cuddle buddies. When you feel under the weather or physically sick, your cats and dogs won’t fail to take turns so they can ensure that you are alright. Moreover, their sometimes comedic relationship gives you extra serotonin, and they can make you laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Happiness overflows when you have both fur babies at home.

Photo: Reddit/westcoastcdn19

Besides cuteness and fun, you’ll also be witnessing weird situations that seem straight from a cartoon show. Expect to have hilarious fights, and you’ll also be seeing stealing scenarios — a pet parent even shared one which involves a kitten. The video was uploaded on Reddit by westcoastcdn19 with the caption, “This is her baby now.” It was indeed adorable and hilarious at the same time. The Rottie took the tiny kitten with its mouth while an adult cat watched the whole scenario. Seems like the rottweiler really wanted to take care of the kitten, especially when she placed the baby on the sofa. She even groomed the kitten — fully taking the role of its mother.

Photo: Reddit/westcoastcdn19

The Reddit post certainly won people’s hearts online, as it received 53.1k upvotes and over 700 comments. Redditors shared their thoughts — most of which are about similar experiences with their cats and dogs. TheGreatNyanHobo wrote, “My parents’ rottie used to do this to their full grown cat. Just pick the whole cat up in his mouth and then give her a bath. The cat would be absolutely gross afterward.” Many people under TheGreatNyanHobo’s comment shared proof that rottweilers are definitely affectionate. “Have had rotties all my life. Can confirm. They’re very earnest in their nurturing,” atridir said.

Aside from comments explaining the rottweiler’s behavior, there were funny comments, mostly about video interpretation. GreyInkling wrote, “The stuffed alligator next to it: ‘first time?’ The sofa might have been the rottie’s favorite spot to bring all of her favorites — before the kitten, it was the alligator. ‘I will love you, and pet you, and squeeze you, and call you George,'” Noarchsf commented. This was his interpretation of why the dog wanted the kitten — implying how she badly wanted to do everything just to have a baby. Differences in interpretation aside, everyone was smitten by the video. Show the Reddit post to your loved ones, and it will surely steal their hearts.

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