A Dog Has Gone Viral on Social Media for Looking Like a Statue

Dogs are so interesting that they are one of the fastest trends on social media sites. Everyone cannot get enough of their natural charm and effortless humor. Those photos and videos are worth sharing, as they can make anyone smile and laugh — no one can resist a good dog picture or video. It’s really amazing how one dog can be loved by thousands of people across the world.

On Instagram, it’s common for pet parents to create an Instagram page for their dogs. Sometimes it’s an individual page or an account for the whole family. Dog pages are followed by many people, as it adds fluff and fun to their timeline. Piper is one of those dogs. The Xoloitzcuintle, or Mexican Hairless dog, caught the attention of the internet due to her unique physical quality. Everything began when Piper’s pet parent, Sandra Pineda, uploaded a photo of Piper — which amazingly garnered thousands of likes and comments.

Photo: Youtube/Caters Clips

The photo went viral because people got confused if Piper was actually a dog or a statue. It was indeed puzzling at first sight. With Piper’s shiny skin and posture, she’d sure pass as a statue in their garden. But she’s fully alive — as seen on their Instagram page, she’s a playful sibling to Riley the Boston Terrier. Sandra and Piper were also featured on a Youtube channel, Cater Clips.

The video quoted what Sandra said about the internet’s reaction to her dog. She said that it was both hilarious and flattering that people thought beautiful Piper was an artwork. The dog is indeed living art — people always comment praises on each of her photos on social media. Piper’s beauty isn’t just appreciated in the Philippines — she has garnered followers from across the globe. Her owner, Sandra, is from Quezon City, Philippines, and is a medical student. To see more of the dog with very unusual beauty, you can follow the Instagram page, @pipernriley. You’ll definitely fall in love with Piper and find yourself liking all posts on her page.

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