A Soft Toy Causes a Hilarious Moment Between Two Dogs on Instagram

Having dogs around the house will surely make your surroundings livelier. It’s like you are living with people whenever you see your dogs show their different personalities. Some dogs are friendly, and others can be seen as timid individuals. These unique personalities make them even more special and adorable. They also have quirks and funny habits that will either make their humans laugh or melt due to their cuteness.

Videos on the internet prove how dogs differ from one another. Two dogs on Instagram are making people laugh. Charlie and his sibling Daisy funnily showed their personalities with how they expressed their love for a certain soft toy. In the video, Daisy lounged on the floor with her head on the green stuffed toy — she was an adorable sight to see. However, as seen in the reflection in the mirror, Charlie was seen observing Daisy, then he suddenly got up. At first, the golden retriever looks like he just wants to lie beside Daisy or get her attention. His target was to get the green plushie away from his sibling.

Daisy doesn’t seem to be bothered by how Charlie took away her pillow. What’s funny was she just let Charlie get his way — as if she already knew it would happen. The text on the video made it even more entertaining as it was on point. Charlie must have loved the green frog plushie so much that he couldn’t see other dogs, even Daisy, being comfy with it. The video was uploaded on Charlie’s account — and it has now accumulated 121k views, 10k likes, and hundreds of comments. Everyone in the comment section shared funny remarks about Charlie’s behavior. Nevertheless, the golden retriever still won people’s hearts for being cutely mischievous.

Charlie is not only a star on Instagram but is also well-known on other social media platforms. He already has merchandise of his own, which are all available on his Charlie the Golden website. You can find all his socials on the link in his Instagram bio. Get to know more about the certified weirdo and have your daily dose of fluff.

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