Women Spot A Dark Figure Buried In A Snowbank, Then Realize It’s An Abandoned Dog

A dog was found next to an expressway in Cheektowaga, New York, buried in a snow bank. The tiny Chihuahua was clearly abandoned there, although the details are not yet known.

Aside from nearly freezing to death, the pup was extremely emaciated, dehydrated, and terrified. The two women who found her put her in a laundry hamper and put her in their car with the heater on while they contacted police.

The dog was then rushed to Greater Buffalo Veterinary Hospital where she stayed for six hours. There, she was treated wit antibiotics and salve for an eye injury, as well as given fluids.

If those women didn’t find the dog when they did, she would have been dead by the morning.

No owner has stepped up to claim her, and she is in rescue foster care through Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue while she recovers.

“My guess is somebody maybe couldn’t care for her correctly and they basically just stopped the car and let her go,” Officer Thrun, said.

Thrun said they had no tips on who might be responsible for this dog but that person could face charges of animal abandonment and failure to provide veterinary care.

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