Dying Dog Grew Up In Wisconsin Loving The Snow. Now, He Just Wants To See It One Final Time.

Spunky the dog’s human adopted him when she was in college. They resided for many years in Wisconsin, where Spunky enjoyed playing in the snow. Sadly, Spunky has been diagnosed with cancer and it is not known how much longer he will live. Spunky’s human wanted him to be able to see snow one last time. They now reside in Texas, where it hardly ever snows, and being that it is summer, it is even hotter. But Spunky’s owner did not let this affect her promise to her beloved pup. She and the whole community pitched in to rent a snow machine for Spunky. In the video below, you can see Spunky enjoying “snow” for one final time as his human is right by his side. You can tell how much love Spunky has been showered with since living with his human, and it is so heart-warming to watch!

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