Dog Crashes Family Reunion Party Looking For A Snack With A Note Engraved Into His Collar

A couple of weeks ago, Leslie Kowash was at a family reunion in Georgia when an unexpected visitor decided to crash the party.

It wasn’t a person, but rather an adorable pup that was looking for a snack. “We were in the yard of our cottage, with a big buffet table full of delicious southern food,” Kowash told The Dodo.

Like any dog lover would do, Kowash and her family accepted the dog with loving arms. When the dog got closer they soon figured out that the dog wasn’t there for belly rubs…

Turns out that he wanted to see if the food tasted as good as it smelled.

Upon closer look of his collar: “Please do not feed me, I’m getting too big. Send me home.”

“Fortunately for him, not everyone read the tag. He got a few bites from other people,” Kowash said. “Once we started cleaning up, he must have decided he wasn’t going to get much more, because the next time I looked, he had moseyed home.”

We don’t think this was the first time this dog has tried to crash a party. Sound off: Could you resist feeding this adorable pupper?

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