This Doggie Sleeping Bag Is Perfect For Taking Your Pup Camping

Who doesn’t love sleeping under the stars? Although we are in the midst of winter, spring is generally the best time to go camping outside. But why can’t your doggo get in on the action?

Thanks to the people at Ruffwear Highlands, the doggie sleeping bag is here and it’s spectacular. These are just novelty items either, each sleeping bag is designed to provide your best bud with a maximum level of comfort.

They are resistant to water, well insulated, and able to withstand a wide range of weather conditions.

If you are a serious outdoors person, then you may want to consider getting the Highlands Sleeping Pad (sold separately) which will give them added warmth.

These bags were designed with the traveler in mind and are easy to fold up to carry with you on the trail.

Honestly, I am considering getting one for my dog just cause they are so dang cute and I never go camping.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the reviews:

“This is a great sleeping bag for my dog. Weighing just under 2 pounds, it is light enough for my dog to be able to carry herself. I have a smaller lab pointer mix. She is about 50 pounds, and she fits into this sleeping bag easily. It is easy to get my dog in her bag as it has a wide opening zipper (literally folds in half). The fabric is water-resistant and easy to clean. The underside has a small pocket that accommodates a small sleep pad to provide additional insulation from the ground. The sleeping bag is easy to pack into its stuff sack.”

“My dog loves it! The sleeping bag alone is insulated enough to keep her warm all night (sleep in 40-30 degree nights). I have a GSP and the large bag is just right for her. The only thing is we can’t zip her in it because she moves so much and Velcro might be a better alternative to a zipper but that’s just a personal need. The bag is great, keeps our dog off of our bags at night which is what our main goal was. This bag also packs well in the large ruffwear dog pack. It’s a bit heavy and bulky to we had to do some adjusting to keep the dog level while hiking but we got it figured out and our dog did just fine with it in her pack.”

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