This Shiba Inu Is Munching On Watermelon. But Wait ’Til You See How He’s Sitting!

Chiko the Shiba Inu loves to eat watermelon. So his human was not only nice enough to give him some, but also let him eat it at the table. Most dogs would be trying to get all the way on the table, not being polite at all; that’s what my dog would do at least.

But Chiko doesn’t eat it in typical dog fashion. He’s sitting on the chair, just as a human would. With his two front paws resting on the table as he chomps down on some watermelon. He looks so polite that I feel like you might as well give him a forks and knife, lol!

Source: Dog with polite table manners sits like a human by oscarwilly06 on Rumble

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