Tips to Take Note of Whenever You Leave a Dog to Your Chosen Pet Sitter

Dogs are so irresistible and lovable that it’s possible to be detached from them even for a short time. What more if you are used to spending time with them every day? You’ll feel so strongly attached to the dog that you cannot imagine a day without its presence. Dogs feel the same way — they get sad and anxious whenever their humans are out of sight. That’s why they welcome you most adorably once you return home. They’ll know it’s you even when you haven’t opened the gate or door yet.

Their sweet personality makes people love dogs even more. Pet owners will find themselves taking their pups almost everywhere. Dogs are now allowed in many establishments such as malls and hotels. It’s exciting to bring your pet around and create memories that will strengthen the bond. However, there are times when bringing dogs around will be difficult. For instance, traveling out of the country, business trips, family gatherings, etc. Of course, you cannot leave them alone at home, especially if you’ll be gone for days. Trusting them in someone else’s hands will be the safest plan.

It’s up to you to pick a pet sitter — someone you find trustworthy and with experience caring for dogs. You can ask your neighbors, close friends, siblings, parents, or even a professional pet sitter to look out for your dog. Pet hotels are also commendable, but if you find it difficult to trust other people, it’s best to leave them with a loved one. Bringing them to someone the dog is already familiar with is advantageous as it will lessen the dog’s anxiety.

Before you separate from one another, you must remember some matters that will make the process easier. It will help if you take note of the tips below for calm and worry-free travel. These tips can also help pet sitters handle the dog well, mainly when the pair are unfamiliar with one another.

Updated ID Tags

For safety and security purposes, always update your dog’s ID tag in case something happens to them. It’s also best to create an extra tag where the pet sitter’s contact information is written. Although your dog is already microchipped, ID tags are an added assurance that the dog will safely return home. Ensure that the tag is also fastened well on your dog’s collar.

Trial Run

Dogs have individual personalities, and not all are sociable at the first meeting. They may tend to get shy or defensive when unfamiliar people try to interact with them. A trial run can be your solution, which you can do weeks or days before you leave. Get them acquainted with one another until your dog gets friendly around the pet sitter. Let them stay overnight with the dog sitter of your choice. It’ll be easier if your friends or family live close to you since they have already interacted with your pup.

Don’t Leave Out Important Details

The day before you leave, ensure you have listed details the dog sitter needs to know. It should include your dog’s schedule, diet, medication, etc. If your dog has a restricted diet, you must inform the person they’ll stay with. Their health is a priority, and anything about the matter should be passed down to the pet sitter. Attach the note to your refrigerator so it’s easier to see if they’ll be staying at your house.

Short Farewells

Make goodbyes short and less emotional — act as if you’re going to the grocery store and will be back after an hour. Goodbyes with hugs and even tears can badly affect your dog’s emotions. This will make them a lot more anxious, and they will know that you won’t return that day. You must assure them that separation is not a big deal, and you must do it confidently. Leave them with a sweet and reassuring smile — give extra kisses and tight hugs once you’re home again.

Pieces of Comfort

If your dog stays in other people’s houses or a pet hotel, remember to provide them with small comforts. The caretaker must find a blanket, a comfort pillow, a shirt with your scent, a toy, and treats in their bag. Your dog must have something that reminds them of home — so they’ll feel less sad and more relaxed. The dog will surely look for those items; if forgotten, the pet sitter might have a long night of figuring out what they want. Those items keep them busy, like a child with their favorite show or toy.

Preparing for a trip is indeed too much work. Nevertheless, it’s worth it if you are confident your dog will be alright while you’re gone. And since various messaging platforms allow video calls, you can ask your chosen pet sitter to let you see your dog for a while. This way, you can still check if they are doing fine without you. Separation anxiety is difficult to deal with, but these tips will help you overcome it. Remember to leave them with someone you trust or someone who gives you a sense of assurance due to their background in pet sitting.

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