After A Snowfall, This German Shepherd Grabs His Shovel And Helps His Family Clear The Driveway!

For most places, with winter comes snow. Snow is always pretty to look at, but it can be a pain to shovel or drive in. If you’re lucky enough, you have someone who can go outside and do it for you, otherwise you’re stuck out there for hours in the freezing cold with sore muscles from lifting all that snow.

One family is lucky enough to have the cutest helper ever, their three-year-old German Shepherd named Gangster. Once there is snow on the ground, he loves scooping it up with his shovel. Yes, you heard that right! He holds the shovel handle in his mouth and walks across the driveway, scooping up the snow on the way.

His human, Jo-Ann Luddington, says he hates when the four-wheeler plows the driveway because, “that’s HIS job!” And he does a great job for someone who doesn’t have opposable thumbs! I would definitely pay this cute pup to shovel my driveway any day!

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