Dog Who Survived Being Shot In The Face Wins T.V. Viewers’ Hearts

Animal cruelty is never ok. Fortunately, one “miracle dog” survived her ordeal of being beaten up before getting shot in the face. She quickly won the hearts of audience views on the A ITV’s This Morning show.

Millie is the dog who was born in Russia. When she was just a few months old, she was attacked by a group of kids. These budding psychopaths beat the poor dog, “bashing” her face before shooting her in the face multiple times in an attempt to cover their crimes.

As a result of the attack, Millie was left with severe deformities. She experienced “blunt force trauma” to her nose, and because of that, she no longer has a snout. There are two bullets still in her head to this day.

Millie and her rescuer, Kasey Carlin, both appeared on This Morning, alongside the show’s resident vet, Dr. Scott Miller. Despite her appearance, Millie looked calm and relaxed and like she was enjoying the attention.

Presenter Eamonn Holmes asks Kasey about the decision not to put Millie down despite her injuries, a decision that Dr. Miller was all for.

He said, “Look when you see catastrophic injuries like that, sometimes it is in the best interests of the dog to have them put to sleep. Certainly, I know the foundation and Kasey supports that. In this case, this was a dog that had some primary treatment, showed [a] massive response to that therapy, and that’s when the charity got involved. And so they’ve just followed on with that and tried to give this dog the best possible treatment. What we have now is this dog that, you can see, she’s so affectionate, she’s very sweet, she can smell, she’s got her sense of smell, and she’s enjoying life. She does have a good quality of life.”

After Millie’s TV appearance, it was clear that she’d made a huge impression on the people of the UK – many of whom went on social media afterward to share their love and support towards the brave Millie.

One person said Millie was “beautiful,” and added, “This level of cruelty is awful and I can’t believe it still exists. Sitting here in tears. Poor baby! People are so evil.”

Another viewer called Kasey an “angel.”

Meanwhile, someone else expressed that they were “heartbroken” while watching her story, and they asked the question we’re all thinking, “How could people be so cruel and yet she still seems so loving and trusting.”

Fortunately, Millie’s life has taken a turn for the better, and she’s now living in a loving and safe environment. She’s also got her own social media following, so if you want to follow her daily adventures, you can on her Instagram.

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