Owner Shot His Dog In The Face For Being ‘Too Happy’

Trigger warning, particularly if you’re an animal lover. But one 7-month-old puppy in Greece was rescued by hikers after they found him tied to a tree and left to die. The poor dog had suffered a gunshot to the face.

It’s difficult to fathom that someone could be that callous towards an innocent puppy. But it got even more insidious when it turned out to be the pup’s actual owner who shot him in the face. The reason? According to PawMyGosh, the man said his dog was “too happy” and he found it annoying. That is why his logic was to use a shotgun to fix his “problem.”

The little puppy, named Ice, was fortunate enough to have been rescued by the hikers who brought him to Save A Greek Stray. The poor little dog was nearing death from the giant injury to his face. Thankfully, vets were able to save Ice, and, through multiple surgeries, managed to reconstruct his face. The resilient little pup pulled through, all with a tremendous attitude of survival.

Ice was at the shelter for ages, waiting for someone to give him a forever home. Sadly, there were many people who just continually overlooked him. But Ice’s story soon reached a family in the UK, and they immediately were moved by his story. They ended up adopting him, bringing him to live happily ever after in the UK.

Check out the video of his story below, but be warned, it’s a little graphic:

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