Guardian Dog Breaks Up Suspected Sheep Fight

Michael, a Great Pyrenees at Rancho Relaxo, takes his guardian job very seriously. He is the protector of the animal rescue’s livestock, which includes everything from sheep, goats, cows, horses to turkeys, chickens and pigs. Aside from keeping an eye out for predators, he attempts to keep the peace among the residents.

Caitlin Cimini, president and founder of Rancho Relaxo, started the rescue a few years ago after she rescued her first wild mustang named “Halona (translated: beautiful choice)”. That led to her buying a farm and the rest is history. Slowly, she started to accumulate different farm animals that needed her help. She was determined to be their voice and show them love.

Michael now helps monitor and manage mostly the sheep and goats. Cimini shares hundreds of adorable photos of the animals on the rescue’s Instagram page. However, the best video was one that she just posted of Michael breaking up what he thought was a sheep “fight”.

Screen Shot: Instagram/boochaces

In the video, Flick and Banks, two resident sheep, were playing by head butting each other. Michael took their rough play as fighting and came to the rescue. He was captured on video pawing at one of the sheep and then stepping in between them to break up the fighting.

Screen Shot: Instagram/boochaces

He was so proud of himself for keeping the peace and strolled over to Cimini for a head rub. She was laughing at the incident but still praised him for doing what he thought was right.

Cimini posted the video to Instagram with the caption, “Michael is the most amazing guardian ever. Not only does he protect our rescued residents from predators, he also protects them from each other. Even when he doesn’t need to. Haha. Flick and Banks were playing in this clip. Michael thought they were fighting, so he broke it up. Truly incredible to watch this big polar bear do what comes naturally to him.”

Watch the adorable video below.

Thank you Rancho Relaxo for being the voice for the voiceless, saving animals and sharing this adorable video.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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