Dog Completely Flips Out When He Sees Himself On The News

Some dogs live a quiet life, loving being around their owners and hanging out at home. Other dogs, however, go viral for just being themselves. That is what a pup named Bronn did, and he ended up on the news.

In fact, he’s been on the news twice!

Bronn’s owner, Angela Lally Labat, went on Facebook the other day to post a picture of her cute dog. You can see Bronn putting on a show for Liam, his brother, and obviously, Liam is loving it!

As it turns out, others would love it as well. It wasn’t long before the clip went viral and had thousands of online views.

Before long, the local news station heard of the video and wanted to take it further. They shared it, running the clip of Liam and Bronn on the television the following day.

The funny thing was, Bronn was watching TV when it aired and he reacted in a very excited way. I guess even dogs can tell when they’re on the news!

If it wasn’t enough that Bronn was an Internet star, he now had local fame as well.

It even went further, because his reaction to seeing himself on the news went viral. There was another television news segment that was focused on this adorable dog.

Labat wasn’t able to capture the dog seeing himself on the news this time, and maybe it’s best that she didn’t. After all, if he would have freaked out again and she took a video, he may have ended up in an endless cycle of seeing himself on the news.

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