This Dog Sees The Family Cat…What She Does Next Will Make You LOL!

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It’s always cute to see dogs and cats playing with each other. Sometimes the playing is mutual, while other times, one is more invested than the other. In this case, it’s the latter. This cute Italian Greyhound, named Foxy, sees the family cat and has a very silly way of playing around with him.

The cat is just standing there when Foxy goes up to him and then the cat paws at her a few times. She runs out of the room and then runs back in and starts spinning around in circles in front of him. Then she runs out of the room again and back in to spin in circles, again. She repeats this over and over again, all while the cat is just staring at her. He’s probably wondering what on Earth she’s doing, but most likely finds it very entertaining. I know I do!

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