This Sweet and Protective Family Dog Guides a Little Girl to Her School Bus Every Day

Children who grow up with dogs are indeed lucky to have an extra guardian. Most of them have the best childhood because they are showered with love and care by both humans and animals. Parents are also blessed to have a helping paw taking care of their kids. Dogs become overprotective of anyone they consider a family member. That’s one of the reasons why canines are the best companions at home. Apart from being guardians, kids also gain a playmate, sibling, best friend, and soulmate in a dog. Witnessing their bond grow closer and closer is so heartwarming that you’d wish both of them would stay just the way they are. Kids and dogs are probably some of the cutest friendships you’ll ever find.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Your furry friend will express affection and care through various gestures. With an infant, they may stay close to the baby as much as possible as a sign of protection. Sometimes the dog will approach the child so they can play, and you’ll see how effortlessly they make children laugh because of their silly antics. Out of all the sweet acts of love, Sam, a golden retriever, had people amazed by his daily routine. He is indeed an intelligent, good boy as he brings his human sibling to the school bus and picks her up during drop-off. The goldie is serious about assuring his humans that their little girl will safely get to school and arrive home without a scratch. Sam also knows when she returns home from school and waits for her at the front door.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“Right away, the two of them just hit it off,” says Jen, Sam’s human mom. “The first morning after the day that we got him, we brought him out to the bus with us. Then, in the afternoon, we took him back outside, and he got her off the bus, and that’s just been something that he’s continued doing this entire time,” she explained. It’s a usual thing for families to assign members individual duties — Sam wasn’t only responsible for their joy, but also for ensuring Evie’s safety. Jen proudly mentioned that Sam never failed to do his duty and never goes absent — rain or shine, he waits for the school bus for his best friend.

“They’re both so goofy. They’re a great pair. Summertimes are I think both their favorite seasons,” Jen shared. Sam and Evie definitely know how to have fun. Whatever the little girl loves to do, Sam is always ready to join her — he never lets Evie play alone, even if it involves a water hose. The goldie certainly has unconditional and pure love for his humans, especially for his little sibling. Being welcomed by an adorable dog like Sam after a day in school or work can truly make you smile, even if you’re tired. After watching the video below, you’ll certainly have the urge to have someone like Sam in your life. Follow them on TikTok and Instagram to see more of him every day.

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