They Rescued This Dog, But It Was The Dog That Ended Up Saving Lives…

It was only a couple of months ago that Paige the dog was found pregnant and homeless in Sherman, Texas. One local resident had plenty of experience fostering dogs, so she took Paige in without hesitation. Soon after arriving at her new home, Paige gave birth to five healthy puppies. After spending eight weeks with their mother, all of the puppies found safe and loving homes. But, it seemed that Paige wasn’t done being a mother.

“There were six little kittens that were two to three weeks old that were surely to die if we did not find someone who could bottle raise them or get them healthy,” Anna Marcy, who is on the board for the Durant Animal Rescue Alliance, said.

Paige’s foster owner saw the post and had an idea. Perhaps, her dog could help nurse and care for the kittens.

“‘Hey, how about if we put them on Paige,’ and she goes ‘I’ve never tried to put kittens on a dog before, but lets try and see if it will work,'” she told local media.

Paige immediately took to the kittens and they were successfully able to nurse. It seems as if Paige wanted to repay the favor of saving her and her puppies lives by saving six more.

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