Dog Saves Puppies From House Fire [PHOTO]

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Ever wonder how you’d react in an emergency? I have. I always like to think I’d set all fear aside, step up, and save the day. Well, it’s not every day we have an opportunity to see what a hero looks like, much less a heroic dog.
The mother of a new litter, Amanda (pictured above), found her pups in danger as the house they lived in was on fire, according to Soy Temuco, a local news agency in Chile. She repeatedly ran into the burning house and emerged, carrying one of her pups in her mouth. She did not rest until all of her pups were safely placed into the stepping sill of one of the fire truck.
All of the puppies were taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment. Most are doing very well, but unfortunately one died last week due to severe burns. What do you think of the photos? Let me know in the comments.
Via Huffington Post, Reddit, and Soy Temuco

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