Pet Cam Catches Dog Helping Owner Get To Bed After A Night Out On The Town

Dogs are the best friend that anyone can ask for. And cameras managed to film a very sweet golden retriever who prevented his owner from becoming harmed during a fun night on the town. As Hannah Quintus returned after having what she admitted as “a few too many,” she was a little unsteady on her feet.

We’ve all been there after a night of partying, and we normally fair okay on own. But every so often, it is a lucky break to have a friend nearby. Hannah has a pet camera set up in her home so that she could monitor her pup, Jax, while he’s home alone.

But during this particular evening, the camera caught the moment that Hannah needed a little extra help, and she received it from Jax. As the camera showed, Hannah was on her way to bed, but she was a little unsteady on her feet. Luckily, her two-and-a-half-year-old dog was around to make sure that she made it to bed.

In the video, which has now been viewed by millions of people on the internet, Hannah was tossing pillows onto her bed when she ended up tripping backward. She tries to stop herself by putting out her hands but it was Jax who saved the day. Incredibly, he stopped her from falling by putting his front paws on her shoulders and steading her from falling over. Afterward, he then helped her back into bed and made sure she got settled.

Hannah shared the footage of Jax to her TikTok, sharing with her followers that she returned home from a night out and this was the footage captured by her petcam. Instantly, the clip went viral and accumulated millions of views and thousands of comments.

Many people were impressed by the dog’s actions, citing that he was perhaps the “best dog ever.” A few people made a couple jokes about what Jax must’ve been thinking, but for the most part, it was nothing but praise for the pup and his devotion to his owner.

Hannah spoke to the Daily Star and said that when she first watched it back, she was surprised by her dog’s actions. She noted that it took her a few times of rewatching to realize that he was trying to save her from falling. It is clear that these two share a very tight bond, and they have been close ever since she got Jax at seven weeks old. Hannah often features Jax on her social media, sharing that the two of them have a lot of fun together and that her dog has a very caring instinct about him. And it’s a good thing that he was there when she needed him most.

Watch the incredible video below:

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