Dog “Saves” Owner Doing Pull Ups By Pushing A Chair Under Her Feet

Our pets are the best friends that we can ever ask for. They will happily do whatever it takes to keep us happy. But they also have a very protective side to them, and will often appointment themselves our personal guardian angels. And there was one adorable dog who was caught on camera doing his best to “save” his owner’s life. While it was a total misunderstanding, it was still quite sweet to witness.

Igor is an adorable little pup that was outside hanging out with his owner while she was doing a workout. The owner was doing pull-ups, and this is what set off Igor’s desire to help. Seeing his owner dangling from the ceiling of the patio made the dog think that she was in danger – he must’ve thought she was struggling not to slip and fall. That is when he sprang into action in order to “save” her. And it was the most adorable thing ever.

Igor actually pushed the chair beneath her feet! The sweet pooch just wanted to make sure that she was safe and could get down without a problem. The small act was a perfect example of how selfless and loving our dogs truly are. Needless to say, the owner was quite touched by her dog’s gesture. In her post, she reiterated just how much he means to her. And we could not agree more – dogs are just so amazing it’s impossible not to love them.

Watch the video below:

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