Dog Alerts Owners To Hidden Electrical Fire Starting In Their Walls

It is going to be a Merry Christmas this year in the Radel-Paaby household thanks to the heroic efforts of their beloved pooch, Willow. The fluffy white 10-month-old Great Pyrenees pup managed to thwart a potential fire.

As her owner, Caitlyn Radel-Paaby, explained to The Dodo, the incident happened the day before Thanksgiving.

As Caitlyn shared, she had returned from the grocery store. It was a normal enough return for Caitlyn, who noted that both her partner and son were downstairs. However, the puppy that normally would race to welcome her home isn’t there.

Caitlyn describes Willow as a very affectionate dog who “loves to give hugs,” so it was quite strange that she wasn’t at the door to greet her.

Caitlyn went looking for Willow, curious as to where she could have gotten to. She eventually found her beneath the desk in their home office. But Willow wasn’t napping. Instead, she had become intrigued by something. Caitlyn quickly noted that Willow was acting very out of character. She was barking and seemed quite nervous about leaving the room.

Willow’s strange behavior was enough to get Caitlyn to investigate. She touched the wall and quickly got her answer as to why Willow was behaving so weird. The wall was quite hot. As it turned out, Willow had detected an electrical fire in its early stages and managed to alert Caitlyn before it got out of hand.

It was enough of a warning for Caitlyn to get in contact with the fire department. After they put out the flames, the firefighters let the family know just how lucky they were as they’d had quite the close call. Had they not been alerted by Willow, their house would’ve most likely been engulfed in flames in the night. They certainly were very blessed to have such an alert pup living in their home.

According to The Dodo, Caitlyn said, “She had never done anything like this and we were shocked. She is always making sure her human brother is safe and she clings to me like crazy and usually will alert if something is off, but never anything serious until the outlet.”

The heroic little Willow has her very own social media page, which you can follow here, for more of her daily adventures.

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