Border Collie Risks Life To Save Boy From Cougar Attack

Our dogs will do anything to protect us. And in one instance, a border collie stepped up to the plate in order to save the life of a 10-year-old boy who was under attack by a cougar. The group of friends had gone out on a walk close to Lillooet, British Columbia. While on the trail, a cougar jumped from a tree out in front of them.

The group, comprised of two women and four children, had been staying at a family cabin close to Lillooet in British Columbia. The young boy had run on ahead of the group and was an easy target for the cougar, who attacked. According to a post by the B.C. Conservation Officer Service on their social media, the cougar easily overpowered the kid to the ground with a smack, and then the big cat took a swipe.

But the kid wasn’t alone. A border collie immediately sprang into action and pounced on the cougar’s back, attacking the big cat. The women and kids also joined in by screaming and throwing rocks and sticks at the cougar until it ran away. Hearing all the commotion, a road worker nearby came to the family’s aid and helped to get the boy some basic first-aid before he was able to get to the hospital. The child has only sustained scratches to his back and chest – all of which were non-life-threatening.

Cougar attacks around the Marshall Lake area are pretty rare. Still, because the location is pretty remote, the Conservation Officers advise that people who may be taking trips out to the wildness still familiarize themselves with basic safety tips. One of the tips that the WildSafeBC suggested was to remain calm and not run, which will only make the cougar want to chase. They then suggest that you immediately pick up small children, if possible, and then make noise.

Watch the video below:

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