Abandoned While In Labor, This Dog Luckily Had Someone To Save Her And Her Family!

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Bill Foundation, a non-profit foster-based dog rescue in Los Angeles, California, received a call from a shelter advocate asking for help. A pregnant female dog was abandoned at her shelter while she was in labor. She was so badly matted, that she had a hard time nursing her puppies. Without help, this mama pup and her little babies would’ve had a hard time surviving. Thank god for these kind-hearted humans who stepped in to save the day!

The mother dog, later named Asha Attie, was taken in by the Animal Medical Center, and groomed back to normal so that she would be able to feed her pups. Asha Attie and her puppies were now healthy as they waited to be placed in furever homes. Watch their rescue in the video below, and be sure to watch them as they grew a little older and played adorably together! I’m so happy this mama and her pups were rescued!

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